Sunday, February 14, 2016

FO: Love and Kisses Cowl

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!* Whether you're in love or you just love, it's that special time of year when everything is some shade of pink.

Today I bring to you the Love and Kisses Cowl by Megan Delorme. It's very cold in many parts of my country, and when I started this cowl it was also pretty cool in Southern California. Alas, winter came and went around these parts while I was still cabling hugs and kisses. Here I am on actual Valentine's Day I can barely keep this thing on long enough for a picture before I break out into a sweat.

So. Shiny.
I first saw this pattern a few weeks ago and fell in love with the clever cabling. Because I was cold at the time, I immediately began working on it, hoping to have it done in time for the holiday — and also hoping I would have it done in time to wear it before it got warm again. I failed :(. At least it will be ready for next year.

The pattern was easy to follow, with both written instructions and charts. The cables were easy to get the hang of, but some of the changes between knits and purls were a bit outside of what I expected. This was often to my detriment as I sometimes thought I knew better than the pattern — I was wrong. Follow the pattern, people! Still, for the most part I was able to fix my mistakes. The only major mistake is in the final (ahhh) row of hearts, where one side of one heart is noticeable shorter than the rest. Look for it.

*And Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!


  1. beautiful cowl!! nice yarn choice, the stitch definition is perfect.

  2. Is this knitted in the round?