Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Swag Stitch

Swag Stitch as instructed in Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss

At first I thought this stitch was sort of boring. The long loose pieces of yarn in front are slipped stitches with the working yarn in front, offset by two purls on each side. However, after two rounds I think this is actually a really pretty pattern. I will say that the picture in the book is much nicer than what I did — it's slightly more slanted than my straighter lines. I'm also fairly certain that I knit a scarf in this stitch (or something similar) way back when I was new to knitting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tweed Stitch

Tweed Stitch as instructed in Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss

I'm just going to refer to all these variations of alternating knit/purls as moss stitches. I said way back at the first of these swatches that moss stitch was my favorite, but I'm starting to get sick of it. I appreciate that there's so many different ways to get this effect, but I'm having a hard time telling the finished results apart.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

FO: Rainforest Chunky Hat

I'm so excited about this hat! It's been raining this winter in LA. Other places around the country have been experiencing arctic conditions — and I'm very glad to not be there — but mild winters and perpetual drought on this coast have left me unprepared for 40-degree mornings and the rain-soaked commute home. 

Okay, not it's not. It's the fact that I refuse to buy a ready-made beanie from the store. I always insist on knitting something and just bear-with until it's done (it's never done!). December had a few cold and rainy days so I insisted on knitting my hat, but by the time I finished it it was warm again. The hats I do already have are such that they either fit but they are too lacy for the cold, the color is too loud for me to feel comfortable wearing out, or they don't fit because I worked without a pattern and didn't make it fit my actual head!

This hat I worked without a pattern, and it actually fits! I'm getting there. I gauge swatched and calculated how many stitches I would nee for the fit I want and I made a hat that fit perfectly. I wore it all day and it did not fall off, or that thing where it slips UP (?) and gives me a conehead. 

Not to say that it's all perfect: I still need to work on distributing stitches evenly and in pattern — the crown looks a bit wonky when laying flat — and the cable pattern is hardly visible in the colorful yarn.

The gray ribbed brim is Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, and the pompom is Lion Brand Wool-Ease. The colorful yarn is Darn Good Yarn Fancy Twist Silk, which is a chunky yarn I received in my Darn Good Yarn of the month subscription. This is the second month I receive this subscription; the yarn from the first month is what I'm using for my stitch swatches. I really liked working with this yarn (call me crazy, but I think it might be scented? Like a clean linen/baby powder scent), and the color way reminds me of a the unusual animals you see in a rainforest, hence the name of this "Rainforest Hat."

Monday, February 4, 2019

Linen Stitch

Linen Stitch as instructed in Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss

I have heard of this stitch before, but I've never tried it. I love how tight it is; this swatch is 12 x 12, yet significantly smaller than all my previous swatches. This doesn't mean that it is tight, however, as this pattern still has a decent amount of stretch to it. I can see the woven texture working nicely on a sweater or other garment, but i’d actually like to try this on a blanket!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Irish Moss Stitch

Irish Moss Stitch as instructed in Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss

It took one frog and restart to understand this stitch, but it is fairly simple. The instructions are interesting in that they start with one row of K1P1, then the main pattern of 2 x P1K1 and 2 x K1P1, and ending with another single row of K1P1. Obviously, when the pattern is repeated the last and first rows combine to make a block of the same pattern. 

So far, it feels as if all these patterns are actually one slice of a larger pattern — although i guess that's the point, you can repeat to your heart's content for any type of garment.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

FO: Big Cushion -- first finished project of the year!!!

I'm so excited to share the first object I've completed in 2019! Nevermind that I started it over a year ago (can't remember exactly when) — it is finally a functional item in my room and not a random tangle of yarn hidden somewhere in my mess of a life that i occasionally bring out to work a half a round.


Originally I wanted this to be giant cushion, something I could lay on like a bean bag. However, as crocheting a giant round is rather boring — and I used up half my yarn is just making the base — I decided on letting it be significantly smaller. I made it through one big circle and most of the side wall before getting totally burnt out and moving on to other stuff, and working only intermittently on this for the past year or so. Recently I decided to hell with it and was hell bent on completing the decrease rows, which became increasingly easier to get through for obvious reasons. I finally finished this the day the stuffing arrived from Amazon.

I can't say it's prefect — I'm not happy that the loose gauge makes the white stuffing visible beneath the dark purple yarn and i was definitely using wrong stitch counts and even the hook at various points — but I am so happy that A) it's done, and B) it's so cozy and bouncy! I can't lay on it like originally intended, but I can sit on it and it is currently doing very well as a lapdesk while I type this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Moire Stitch

Moire Stitch as instructed in Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss

This is a lovely subtle lace stitch. With a combo of slip stitches and yarn overs, you get two rows in which the stitches look like they hug themselves. I can envision this in the yoke of a top. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Roman Stitch

Roman Stitch as instructed in Knit Stitch Guide by Rita Weiss
This stitch is a lot like the previous, just that there are two rows of K1P1 instead of one — creating a small patch of moss stitch between sections of stockinette. This causes the pattern to be six rows instead of four. The book calls for the pattern to be finished off at row 4, just before the moss stitch section, so I've made my swatch sixteen rows, or 2 2/3 of the pattern.

I noticed that my swatch folded in on itself at the moss stitch sections, almost like those two rows created a crease as if on paper. The Andalusian Stitch swatch remained flat at that K1P1 rows, at least until it curled up like stockinette. This will be useful to know if I ever have to knit something three-dimensional with corners. I can crochet boxes and such, but I figured knitted sides would have to be sewn together.