Monday, June 29, 2015

Knit Picks Haulin'

I've been making a lot of Knit Picks orders this month. I don't even have room to store everything I've gotten; it's all still in the boxes they came in. They're sales have been great lately.

These are the yarns from the monthly yarn sales in May and June. The Chroma Fingering yarn is when they offered a free skein with a $25 purchase. Since I got these colors just because and not because I had a specific project lined up for them, I think they suggest that I want to skip summer and go straight into fall.

Felici yarns are back! And they even have a special label that says they're temporary (sad face!). These are in the colorway Countess, and I'm going to make another pair of the Time-Traveler Socks from my last post.

Needles! I have a set of interchangeable needles from Boye, but although they are the most affordable set out there they are not the best. The cables are stiff and the edges of the needle joins burr, causing the yarn to snag. I got The Try It set in Harmony Wood, as well as the longest cord available (60”). I also got Caspian tips in size 9, and the longest fixed needle I could find in size 0 because while working on these and these, my needles snapped. I’ll report back to see how these fare.

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