Monday, September 21, 2015

San Diego Yarn Crawl 2015

This is the best picture I've ever taken, trust me.
The San Diego Yarn Crawl was this weekend. I was only able to go on Saturday, and, due to an accident on the freeway, only started at around 4pm. That's why, out of thirteen shops I only went to five. Not bad for two hours.

The first shop was The Black Sheep, an adorable little store in Encinitas with super friendly staff. Outside the store there was a yarn tasting set-up, with various balls of yarn set up with needles and hooks so that we could test out how they feel when used. 

Next, and nearby, was Common Threads. It was tucked away in a tiny shopping square, but the store itself did not disappoint. Along with the usual free pattern, we got a little pouch.

Unfortunately, because I didn't have the tote bag yet I forgot to ask for their button.

A half-hour south, and we were at Needlecraft Cottage in Pacific Beach. I've been here a few times before because it was the closest local yarn store to where I went to college. And I was so happy to see that they still had this year's tote bag in stock! The bag is what really made me want to make the trek from LA; it's got a mystery pattern on it! All the shop's buttons are color coded to correspond to a stitch on the chart and you have to collect all the buttons to get the complete pattern. I knew there was no way I'd be able to collect all the buttons, but I'm pretty sure the actual pattern will become available online today.

Parked behind Needlecraft Cottage that day was the Yarnover Truck!  I've also been here before, including the first SDYC also at Needlecraft Cottage. And once again I bought the CoBaSi yarn, because I realized that one hank would not be enough to make anything. Luckily, they still had the same dye lot in stock. I also couldn't help myself and I bought their wooden needle sizer in the shape of the truck.

With minutes to spare, we made it to Arañitas Yarn by Sofia. It was a lovely little shop that thankfully stayed open long enough for us to get a stamp and button. Their welcome sign is in the picture above this post.

All in all, it was a super fun experience. I would absolutely return to any of these shops on any given day on which I have the opportunity. I can't wait until next year's crawl, and the LA one in the spring.

The buttons I got, and my passport.

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