Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Favorites

I've been seeing some beautiful and lovely patterns lately. I thought I'd consolidate patterns that I've found and loved in the past month, from perusing Ravelry, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

1) XOXO Kimono by Julie King.
I follow Julie King on her website, Gleeful Things, and she is one of my favorite designers! This was a design for a Design Wars Challenge that she won. It's obvious why; this sweater/wrap/kimono is so simple but beautiful. It covers but is very light, which is for SoCal autumns that can get a bit breezy but are still mostly very hot.

2) Mullspice by Alicia Plummer.
Sometimes,however, I do like to pretend that autumn does mean that the weather cools down around here. I can knit hats like these to mu heart's content, even if I can't wear them long before overheating.

3) Eyeglass Appliqués by Tangled Happy.
These are so cute! The author suggests using them as party Photo Booth props and I absolutely have to do that at some point. I can also see them as decoration around a bookcase or something.

4) Aran Knit Afghan from Ednascloset.
I was in Ireland this summer and I fell in love with everything, not least of which is the wonderful Aran knitting tradition. I was able to buy one skein of actual Aran yarn, and while this is probably too ambitious of a project to complete with one skein it's exactly the type of texture that I'd love to recreate.

5) No. 2 Pencil Socks by The Yarn Enabler.
I first saw these on Instagram and just knew that I had to make them at some point. Now I only wish I still had a school to go to so these would be an appropriate project.

6) Amma by Maria Valles.
This is a last-minute addition to this list. I was reviewing everything in my favorites for this post and found this in a post from Tangled Happy. It's so pretty and cool, and it looks like it'll be easy to make.

7) Acer Shawl by Joanne Scrace.
I've recently been falling in love with shawls. I never wear shawls and I don't know anybody who does, but they are a knitting/crochet must and I've even signed up for a KAL to make one. This one is crochet, and also very beautiful. I love the color combination in the example.

8) Nevelson Lace Pullover by Amy Christoffers.
I've only ever made one sweater, and I'm itching to make another. I'd like something like this. It's a sport-weight yarn so it would be lighter than the worsted one I made. It also looks like it would be fun to make, with a lacy pattern in front to keep it from being too boring.

9) Fluffy White Clouds by Vikki Bird.
I don't think I have to patience to make a full-sized blanket, but this makes me want to! It's so simple but beautiful!

10) Bradway Shawl by Shannon Cook.
Another shawl! This one is knit, and I love the rustic autumnal colors of the example as well as the mix of stitch patterns. If it ever gets cold around here this is definitely something I'd make in a heartbeat.

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