Monday, April 11, 2016

FO: Caterpillar Foods

In my last post I explained that I was making foods from The Very Hungry Caterpillar for my sister's pre-school students. She only asked for the fruits, but I was able to make a couple of the junk foods the caterpillar eats. I think they all turned out rather well and I'm excited to show them off!
On Monday, the caterpillar eats one apple. This was the first thing I made, and I think it turned out adorably. I definitely recommend the pattern for other apple needs, perhaps a teacher gift?

Two pears for Tuesday. These are adorable. The pattern is here. Pro-tip: add the stalk before stuffing and tie it to the tail yarn from the magic loop. It's easier than passing it through afterwards and more secure.

Plums. They look nothing like the plums in the book, which look more like blueberries in my opinion. I think these are a little more true to life plums.

In the last post I mentioned that my first strawberry turned out way bigger than anticipated. I changed my hook each time for the next three, and it resulted in a multi-sized strawberries. Pattern

Of Friday, the caterpillar went through five oranges. There's no pattern for these as they're just regular spheres. I did use green yarn for the first row to designate the belly button (??? I just realized I don't know what that's called. I'm not up on orange anatomy.), and continued the rest in orange yarn. I was going to add stems because the book has a couple of them, but the green/orange combo made them look like sad little pumpkins. I thought the bigger ones were better, but my sister preferred the smaller ones. Personally, I think those look more like Cuties than traditional oranges — but, hey, they're not for me.


Just before cocooning himself for his epic transformation, the caterpillar gorged himself on junk food. My sister wanted mostly the fruits and didn't hold me to the junk given that it was a pretty short-notice assignment. However, I did deliver the best of the food: cherry pie and chocolate cake! The cherry pie in particular was my sister's favorite.


  1. those turned out so beautifully, and what a wonderful way to enrich reading the story. Such a classic book, the kids will love those crocheted goodies!

  2. Oh my! Can I have this cherry pie, please?!!! Looks so real!