Monday, May 30, 2016

FO: Tipless Gloves

The weather has been wacky in Los Angeles lately. (Yes, we do have weather!) When I started these it was bloody cold out, especially on my early morning commute to work. Of course — because my life always works out like this — by the time I was finished things settled back into the lovely warm and sunny weather that we're known for. However, making these was not a complete waste of time, given that the air conditioner in my office is always turned up to Russian winter levels of cold. (Seriously, I'm bundled up in scarves and gloves and sweaters all day, and then feel so ridiculous when it's time to leave and I'm sweating through all my clothes.) On my first week at this new job I knew I had to make these. I have to type into a computer all day and realized that I was sitting on my hands to keep them warm when I didn't have to type.

The design of these is the simplest it could possibly be, save for the color changes at the fingers. I wanted to make something quick, not necessarily interesting to make but nice to wear and see. These were made starting with a 2K2P ribbed cuff that transition into plain stockinette palms. Using KnitPicks Brava Sport yarn borrowed from another project (more to come later!), I made these in the span of a weekend. The yarn is on the thicker side of sport, which means that I'll definitely start sweating if I wear them outside but are perfect under the colder A/C settings. Since I used my own hands for measurement, these are perfectly tailored to fit me.
I love them for their simplicity, but I did feel that there needed to have a little variety somewhere, hence the multi-colored fingers. I'll admit that my biggest regret is that I didn't have another shade of brown available. However, they do serve their purpose wonderfully and these are sure to become a staple for cold days — provided I don't do as I'm prone to do and lose them in a month.

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